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The Scrap Book Trilogy

What happens when 3 very old women put things in their scrap books...and they start to happen? 

After they indulge in everything they can dream up...

          They want what we all

But what lengths will they go through to get what they want?

Introducing Auntie Clara, Auntie Blanchie

and Auntie Bertie and follow them in their escapes: 

Creating Memories

Grand Memories and

Jeweled Memories

But remember you better watch what you say...

                   And watch what you wish for...

                                          Creating Memories

                             Book one in the Scrap Book Trilogy

Unemployed Lizzie leaves NYC with no than a letter from an unknown great auntie in themiddle of nowhere...with a promise of a job and  apartment. But the job as landscapie maintenance was not what former ad girl had in mind. 

Auntie Clara's magic scrap book brougth her...but can it keep her?





What if Lizzie was to open a scrap book shoppe-Creating Memories.  Whee not only could Auntie Clara and her pals hang but where Lizzie would have her own small business? 


And to sweeten the deal Auntie Clara has manipulated race car driver Coop to notice her great niece...


But one call from Lizzie's old agency has her back in NYC leaving three very old women heart broken.


Not to mention one race car driver...

Grand Memories

Book Two

In the Scrap Book Trilogy




































                                                 Sweat shop worker Coco wins a trip to

                                                 the Grand Hotel's 1920's Muder Mystery.

And not only is she transported back in time, she meets 3 very old women and one  eyr dashing cast member.  But when one of the cast is poisoned is Coco's fantasy ruined?

And  her undercover grandmother Blanchie refuses

to come out of hiding...


If grandma Blanchie could go back and be young again, maybe she could relate to her granddaughter and get her courage up...but can she return to her old self?


Grand Memories

by Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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