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Hello Friends, I love writing, and I know a lot of you want to write but just can't seem to get started. There is nothing magical about writing, except maybe when your story is finally told, and you know you have created characters that seem like people you know. Actually sometimes they are people you know...but that is another story.

People think stories just fall out of my head. And that the words just glow on my page. Well, that is not true at all. Some days I write a few words, other days I write a few pages. Other days I write for many hours. Like any number of things we all do, writing is something you need to start at the beginning...and then do a little bit every day.

Can you spare 10 minutes to sit down and just put pen to paper or fingers to key board and just start? Sometimes I do not start at the beginning. Usually I have an idea and that idea includes an outcome, but there are times my characters do their own thing and take me where they want to go... Still it is the sitting down and starting that is the biggest part, sometimes the hardest part. And then it is the returning to that time every day to keep going.

You do not have to decide how many pages are in a chapter at the beginning, or even mid way through. You have to start. Don't let the idea of writing a book seem bigger than you. It isn't.