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Dear Friends, taking epic chances is a challenge of sorts. Of course it could mean anything. But to a writer, well, it could mean going outside your comfort zone, or stepping it all up ... or whatever you would want it to mean.

Books, we love to read them, collect them, sometimes hoard them, share them and yes, write them. They open doors for us to other worlds. We want them. We need them. We need to create them.

It is time, to write. To read. To do both. Now is the time to refocus and begin again...

We have stories in us, we need to share them. We need to bring them together, give them life.

It is time to celebrate books ... and share them and their messages.

We like books in all forms ... and we like a cup of tea with our books.

We love the idea of stumbling on a little sharing library of books...

And of course we love book stores. When we travel we like to find new ones. We feel their warmth, their message. We want to be in them.

Even book stores made of cake amuse us...tickle us.

We get lost in a story, even ones we create, we are lost in the telling. We find new books and find escapes from our own world...even if for just a short time.

We love things that remind us how much we love to read...

Books lead us to wonderful places...places we didn't know about, and places we had forgotten about...

Books are magical. If we write them, we create the magic, but every time we read one, we get immersed in the magic.

Stories grow on us...

Stories are bigger than us, we fall in...and magic falls out...

Some stories are so good, we nibble on them slowly, not wanting them to end...

Our book friends encourage us, believe in us. We need them.

Hold on to your love of writing, reading, story telling and sharing...

We support the book stores that support us and all writers...we value them. #firesidebooks

We support our fellow writers...because we understand them.

If you are a writer, I applaud you, keep going, tell us your story. If you want to write, I plead with you to begin. If you are a reader, I suggest you take a chance on some new books.



Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

author: The Nantucket Tuck You Inn Series, The Midwest Series. All on Amazon. Join me for a story.

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actor: American Immersion Company, The Murder Mystery Company, Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island



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