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Too hot to garden...time for a good book.

Dear Friends: I really wanted to spend the day out in my new garden, but it seriously is just too hot and muggy. So I am inside working on a new book. If it is too hot for you to really do anything but relax, I thought you might enjoy reading a little bit of my novel Nantucket Tuck You Inn, Looking for Santa. Even though the name Santa is in the title, this has nothing to do with Christmas per say. Well, maybe a little bit but it is set on Nantucket in the middle of the summer.

So take a minute for an arm chair visit to Nantucket and let yourself fall under the spell of Noel and Max. Don't forget to have some tea, but make it iced...



Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

author: The Nantucket Series, The Midwest Series. Coming soon, The Mermaid Mansion (set on Nantucket of course, that's where all the mermaids are). All available on Amazon or from

Nantucket Tuck You Inn, Looking for Santa

Chapter 1

“Uncle Max!” Lily, Max’s six year old niece, hollered.

He ignored her. She yelled again, this time louder, if that was even possible. Max ran a hand through his black shaggy hair, and squeezed his black brown eyes shut.

“Kendall says it’s not true!” Lily pouted.

Kendall was his eight year old niece--Lily’s sister--eight going on eighteen. He inhaled, ready for whatever--whatever his nieces were bickering about now; the never ending teasing and taunting of each other. When were they going to become best friends? Like sisters were supposed to be …

“Why? Why do I baby sit you girls?” He muttered.

But Kendall was quick, never missing a thing, “Because you love us Uncle Max!” Kendall already had the smile he knew would break hearts. Probably was already, when she wasn’t picking on someone or something that is.