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The Art Institute of Chicago and Monet

There is something about Claude Monet's art work, specifically his water lilies studies that not only brings joy to me but thousands of people...and always have.

The Art Institute of Chicago has a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy pieces of Monet's work from private collectors that are now there on exhibit through June 14.

. This might be a chance to see work that has never been seen. The Arti Institute owns many spectacular pieces that together make a great viewing for a Monet fan or just someone who loves Impressionism.

Monet and Chicago is the first exhibition to trace our city’s unique and early embrace of the beloved Impressionist’s work. This overview introduces you to the many themes explored in the exhibition galleries.

The exhibit is breathtaking and well worth your investing your time and efforts. Tickets are timed and though the exhibit is quite large, you do not feel crowded. If anything, you feel almost as though you are having your own private visit.

Short videos on the Monet and Chicago exhibition page show technical images that illuminate the artist’s working methods. Where he painted over to add snow over grass, or in the case of the hay stacks simply painted out hay stacks to change the composition of a painting. Of the 2 dozen studies he did on haystacks, the Art Institute of Chicago owns 6. This is impressive in itself but also quite magical to see all 6 pieces, one right after another.