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Tea time...

Dear Friends, It is (sort of) always tea time. Everything reminds me it is time to stop and have a cup of take a little time for me, a little time to revive, a little quiet time.I

I am happy to say I have expanded my thoughts on tea and have included talking to you about books. Not that this is entirely new but I do have a new format where you can leave comments, post pictures and get to know one another. I have a new facebook group you can join called Drink Tea and Read Books. Now, I believe there are several groups with that name, but mine is associated with my name and I hope you will take a peek and join me there as I expand my thoughts on tea, china, and books.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

author: The Nantucket Tuck You Inn series, The Midwest Series. All on Amazon.

Drink Tea and Read Books Facebook

actor: The American Immersion Company, The Murder Mystery Company, Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island. Murder is October 23rd at the Grand this year, hope you will join me.