Strawberry Season...

Strawberry season is starting...the berries are back at the grocers plump and sweet. I know they never really left, but as the season gets started, so the berries get better...

I have tried to grow them but the bunnies always beat me to them, and in all honesty, I just didn't have the knack. But I love the idea of planting strawberries in a hanging basket! How lovely just to see all that sweet fruit dangling in the air...

Of course they are delicious right out of the carton...but look how much fun they are if you dip them in a little frosting and then blue sugar? And don't forget dipping them in chocolate...two tastes made for each other. Do you love strawberries? What is your favorite way to eat them or fix them?

Iced tea is one of my favorite drinks, year round really. And iced tea is even better if you add strawberries!

Republic of Tea, one of the best tea makers out there, makes a Chocolate Strawberry hot tea. Delicious.

Strawberry Shortcake traditionally made with biscuits. So you have the not so sweet biscuit and the sweetness of the berries. This is pretty easy to do, I mean, how could you go wrong when the berries steal the show?

Or go all out and make a cake ( or purchase a pound cake you can easily slice and assemble...). Sometimes the trickiest part of a cake is the frosting. Well, in this case you have drama and beauty and simply spread your cream between your layers with your sliced strawberries. It is a show stopper and I can guarantee it will not sit around long...if that was in my fridge late at night, I would have to sneak down and have another slice.

Strawberry Pie can be as simple or elaborate as you like. You can purchase roll and bake pie shells, or already made pie shells. Or make your own. Actually pie crust is not that hard, especially if you simply pat it in place, saving a little extra dough for the edging. I think it is the rolling out of the dough that gets intimidating. Then add your sliced berries. A glaze can go from store bought, to any number of great recipes. I take a little strawberry jam, thin it with a splash of Grand Marnier and water, heat gently until it all seems to come together. Then I simply spoon it over my berries. Again, this is not the type of treat that will sit around for a long time... Does it need ice cream? Well, that is another subject all together as I feel the entire world is a better place with ice cream. You be the judge, just don't miss out on the strawberries now that the season is starting.

Fit for Royalty, I am offering bone china Strawberry tea pots from England. Sale priced at 49.99 plus shipping. Call or email if you have any interest. Why not take your love of strawberries one step further with a stunning English Tea Pot.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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