Still Picnic Time

Dear Friends, although it is mid September and I am thinking fall, it is still warm. Warm enough for a picnic...

Time to take it outside...for a quiet bite to eat or just to relax with a good book and maybe an ice tea.

Soon it will be chilly and we will wonder where these balmy days have gone...

Make it festive, call your friends...

Or simply take a good book out with you and settle in...

There is something about having a little tea party outside. You can decorate with flowers a little freer than if you were in.

Think of clever ways to wrap your sandwiches

Bring out some cushions to take it up a notch.

Fill a picnic basket...everything looks and tastes better in a picnic basket

I collect picnic baskets. I use them for any number of things because in the dead of winter they remind me I will be eating outdoors.

Pack the car and take a drive to the country...with a picnic. Everything is better when you have something to eat...

Use your picnic basket to set your delicate pieces on.

Maybe you have a little she shed... or play out. Maybe you have always wanted one. The long dreary winter would be a wonderful time to plan one.


Go all out, use the end of the season as your excuse to entertain...outdoors.

Or keep it simple but enjoy these warm days while they are here.

What is your favorite picnic? What do you like to bring to eat? Where do you like to go? Let me know.

Cheers, Jacqueline

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