Scrap book time...#Creating Memories

Dear Friends, I am sure, like me, you have piles of papers that you saved for one reason or another. Ticket stubs, a business card from a cute store you stopped at on a trip, letters you could not bear to part with. You probably also have photos stuck in your phone.

You know you need the space yet there they are, you just don't want to get rid of them. And you would feel bad if you lost any of these items. I found my dad's holy card the other day, stuffed in a drawer...

Maybe it is time you gave serious consideration to becoming a scrap booker. I know the term was so popular a while a go and well, sometimes it is most satisfying to resist trends. Still...

But in all honesty a scrap book puts all those precious memories together in one place. A place you can easily go back to and relive them. And you can do a scrap book by theme, just to make your life a little easier.

I became a scrap booker for just these reasons--almost out of necessity.

And then I wrote a trilogy about scrap booking: I call it the Scrap Book Series when in honesty it is 3 stories, 3 ancient women, all pals for many years. And all scrap bookers.

Let me introduce you to: Creating Memories (Book One-introducing Auntie Clara. For those of you who have read my work you have re-encountered Auntie Clara many times. Well, this is where she started....) Welcome to Creating Memories...

Welcome to Creating Memories

Can three fossilized friends take scrapbooking to a higher level? Absolutely! When whatever they put in their scrapbooks happens! But what happens when they go from pocket change, to what we all want? Family! Isn’t there a limit to control?

Introducing Auntie Clara.

Unemployed Lizzie leaves NYC with no more than a letter from an unknown auntie with the promise of a job and apartment. Landscaper was not what the former ad girl had in mind.

Auntie Clara's magic scrapbook brought Lizzie, but can it keep her? What if Lizzie was to open a scrapbook shoppe, Creating Memories. To sweeten the deal Auntie Clara has manipulated Cooper to fall for Lizzie.

One call from Lizzie's old agency has her back in NYC, leaving three old women heartbroken, not to mention one race car driver. And who is going to tend the store? What would it take short of Auntie Clara almost killing herself to get her niece to return?

By the time you fall in love with Auntie Clara, you are going to want to know what her pals Auntie Blanchie and Auntie Bertie are up to. And meet them in detail.

Join me for book two: Grand Memories.

Many of you know my husband and I are cast members of the murder mystery troupe at Grand Hotel Mackinac Island. Many of you want to join us at a murder but we perform only the 3rd week of October. Also the trip to Mackinac Island is not an easy one, as the closest airport is Pelston (sound small? Yes it is) and from there you must rent a car and then take the ferry. Or fly private right to the island. Regardless Grand Memories is an armchair trip to Grand Hotel's Murder Mystery. I hope you will join me. Welcome to Grand Memories:

Now that Auntie Clara has convinced her great niece to come to town—and stay, Auntie Blanchie wants her granddaughter Coco in her life. What would it take to lure a young fashion designer? Auntie Blanchie simply arranges for Coco to win a week at the prestigious Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, for their annual Murder Mystery.

The Murder is set in the 20’s and the prize includes racks of vintage clothes, and jewels. To a young girl caught in a black and white world, and living in a Technicolor one, Coco is thrilled beyond words. After all, this is the era she wants to design for… instead of working in a sweat shop sewing. But Coco gets more than a free trip when she meets dashing Scotsman Ian, one of the actors, and literally gets swept off her feet.

Auntie Blanchie and her chums are all in costume, or maybe their own vintage clothes, still Blanchie can’t seem to tell Coco she is her long lost grandmother—and fairy godmother. But if she was younger … maybe it would be easier. And when Blanchie uses her scrap book to go back in age, can she return?

When an attempt is made on one of the actor’s lives, murder goes from the hotel’s event to real life. Welcome to the grandest of all hotels,