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ready for something new to read? Meet author #Gail Kittleson!

Dear Friends, I would like to introduce you to a new writer. Well she isn't new, she is just new to me. Gail Kittleson. Her books are fascinating and I don't think you will be able to put them down.

  • Gail, tell us what you write. Break it down and give us an idea of what your stories are about. My historical fiction and honors Greatest Generation people whose courage and make-do attitudes made all the difference during a trying time in our nation’s history. Their extraordinary pluck and willingness to work together stand as models for us today.

  • Do you have a series? When and where are they set? Are they meant to be read in order or can someone just jump in? Yes, my series is under my Women of the Heartland brand. The first book, In Times Like These, is set in rural Iowa and London during the first years of the war. Soon after the Pearl Harbor attack, Addie marries a farmer right out of high schools and grows her first victory garden. Her husband Harold, who lost his friend Joe on the Arizona, wants to go to war but cannot, so he takes his anger out on Addie.

  • Through her down-the-road neighbor Jane and letters from her best friend Kate in London, Addie is strengthened and gradually finds her voice. The sequel, With Each New Dawn, tells Kate’s story, which takes readers behind enemy lines in the Auvergne, France, and the third book, A Purpose True, culminates Addie and Kate’s stories. Each book may also be read as a stand-alone.