Princess for sale...everything you need

Royalty is a state of mind and there are days you just need to get your Princess on. Let me help you.

Princess Albums. Hand painted, acid free and non pvc, expertly antique gilded spines. Holds 100 4x6 photographs.

Regular price 34.99. Sale offering 24.99 plus postage. Colors: Hinter Green, Oxblood Red, Antique Black. You choose or let me choose. Size 5 1/2 by 6 3/4. Time to get your photos out of your phone and into a lovely keepsake album. So beautiful they make a stunning addition to any bookshelf or room. Contact me or to purchase.

Castle Cupcake Holders. Make your cupcakes Princess worthy. 8 finely detailed cardboard 3D castles ( complete with princess and knight) hold your cupcake in Royal style. 24 cupcake cases included. Small flag for personalizing. All gift boxed. Sale price offering of 14.99 plus postage. The perfect trim for your next tea, or take home favors for your next party.

Contact me to purchase.

Princess Kate and Prince William commemorative bone china tea pot. Why not brew your next pot of tea in a Royal Victorian tea pot celebrating the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William to Catherine Middleton, Westminster Abbey 29th April 2011.

Delight in the exquisite photo of the couple on this gold trimmed bone china tea pot. Sale price offering of 59.99 plus postage. Enjoy a little bit of Royalty with every pour of tea. Supplies are limited. Please contact me at to purchase.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton Commemorative bone china mug. Beautifully detailed picture of Princess Kate on one side and Prince William on the other, depending on your mood. With commemorative information also printed. A delightful floral and bow border outlines the top of the mug and a scroll and dot border details the bottom. Just one more lovely way to feel like Royalty when you sip your tea. Sale price offering at 19.99 plus postage. Supplies are limited. Please see below for additional pictures. Contact me to purchase.

Depending on your mood, which side of your cup you choose to sip from...

As the faerie tale continues, how endearing to remember the wedding of our future king and the beloved Princess Kate.

Simply called The Kiss, I am pleased to offer another bone china commemorative cup from the Royal Wedding. Sale price offering at 19.99 plus postage. Please contact me for this gorgeous keep sake. But don't feel you need to tuck it away. Use it every day for your tea to relive their special day. Supplies are limited. Contact me to purchase.

This stunning monogram is the back side to The Kiss mug above. Contact me to purchase.

To commemorate the birth of HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, 2nd May, 2015. Every child born is Royal to someone, but little Princess Charlotte is special to all of us. Enjoy this bone china commemorative mug and as the romance of the Royal couple continues. Sale offering price of 19.99 plus postage. Supplies are limited. Please contact me at to purchase.

This is lovely text is on the back side of the royal birth mug. Please contact me to purchase.

Vintage Princess Hand Mirror. Perhaps you really just want to see yourself as a Princess. Easy. This lovely Princess Mirror is what you need. As you gaze into it the word Princess and the crown will appear above your head. Not only fun to use, stunning to have sitting in your powder room or on your vanity.

Slight wear on the back see next photo. One only. Sale price offering 69.99 plus postage. Contact me at to purchase. Cheers, Jacqueline

Princess Pin. There are days you just might like to announce to the world you are the Princess. This stunning pin says just that. 5 1/2 inches from top crystal to bottom ribbon and 3 1/2 inches wide. Let the world know you are in fact the Princess. Great on anything but especially a jacket or coat. Make a statement and clip it on the handle of your tote or purse. Also a gift for that special Princess or when a friend needs a Princess day. Say it like you mean it and then tell the world. Princess Pin sale price offering at 29.99 plus postage. Supplies are limited. Contact me to order.

Silver Crown Charm. Perhaps you want to make a statement a little quieter yet still feel like Royalty. My silver crown charm might just be the answer. Sale price offering at 9.99 plus postage, this diminutive charm 3/4 inch wide and 3/4 inch high can be looped on a necklace, thin strip of ribbon, or a bracelet. Makes a great tie on for that special gift. Let the person receiving your gift know how special their gift is before they even open it with a little silver crown tied to the ribbon. To order please contact me

Want to make a bit more of a statement? Cluster several together.

One is good, more, well naturally more is always a little bit better. Think like a Royal and have several. Keep a few on hand for precious gifts. Contact me for quantity discount. Cheers, Jacqueline

Princess handbag. 6 inches by 8 1/2 inches, this canvas handbag with leather shoulder strap and zip closing tells the world you have been trained. You have been to the Queen Mum's School for Princesses. Need I say more? You know it all at this stage, or all you need to know to get by as a Princess. Great accent piece to keep, hang on the wall or give to a fellow princess. As always with my items, stock is limited. Sale price offered at 19.99 plus postage. Contact me at to order.

William and Kate paper dolls. Too tired today to get your Princess on but still need a little bit of Royalty? Why not play with Princess Kate and Prince William paper dolls? The detail is amazing and you while away the afternoon sipping tea and remembering the days of playing with cutouts. Sale price offering 9.99 plus postage. Contact me

I thought you would enjoy one of the detailed pages from the Kate and William Paper Dolls book. Contact me to order. Cheers, Jacqueline

I'm the Princess Tiara. Easy to wear and gets the message out there. You are the Princess. Have some fun and wear it on your next cruise. Or just to perk up the day while you are swishing the feather duster around your castle. The perfect gift for all the princesses in your life. Sale price offered at 29.99 plus postage. Contact me to order.

Crystal Tiara. When wouldn't you wear it? Exquisite crystal tiara that is bigger than the Princess tiara but possibly a little more subtle. I mean, you don't have to tell them you are a Princess, simply wear the tiara and let them wonder what your actual station is. Shock the neighbors, wear it out in the garden. Wear it to dinner and get special treatment from your wait person and for sure, take it on your cruise...just to let them know who you are.

Crystal tiara, sale priced offered at 59.99 plus postage. Limited supply. Contact me to order.