Must read author: Gloria E. Taylor

Dear Friends: I would like you to meet an exciting author I just met: Gloria E. Taylor.

Gloria, welcome. Can you tell my readers what you write?

First, thank you Jackie for having me. I mostly write Contemporary Interracial Romance. One of my novel’s SURRENDER MY HEART is about an African American couple, but all the others are interracial romances.

What are your stories about?

The stories vary from real-life issues to visions from my imagination. They depict greed, abuse-physical and emotional, murder, jealousy, risks, sacrifice, trust/distrust, forgiveness, unconditional love, loyalty. I try to make the stories realistic, but also intertwine with a touch of fantasy and intrigue.

Who would like them? And by that I also mean can a young girl in her tweens enjoy them? Would a senior woman find she can get lost in them?

The stories are written for adult men/women who enjoy reading sensual contemporary romance. However, a young lady about age 16 could have fun reading them also. I have a couple of senior ladies who told me to hurry up and complete my next novel. They’ve read all the others and thoroughly enjoy the stories.

How many novels do you have?

To date, I’ve written four novels. I’m currently working on A FAIR EXCHANGE.

Do your readers take away a little self-help when they read your books or find inspiration?

Each one of my heroines has been in situations where they’ve had to dig deep and find inspiration, strength to rise above. So yes, the reader will find inspiration/ways to self-help when the need arises.

How is it you are able to inspire your readers through fiction?

My heroes and heroines are faced with real-life issues. Hopefully, the reader can identify with the characters, as they work through their conflict and find inspiration to achieve their own goals.

I love your book covers, where do the ideas come from? Is there a team that works on your art work? Do you have much input into them?

With help from the Killion Group, I design all my book covers based on each story. Once I research my pictures and give them a description of what I want they follow through. I seldom have corrections and if I do, they are done promptly and without fuss. DARE TO LOVE ME was done by someone else.

How about a list of what you have written and maybe some covers so we can get hooked...

I’ve written 4 novels. They are: Desperate Decision

Dare To Love Me

Surrender My Heart

The Lady Mentor

How did you decide to write? Was this a long dream, or have you been writing in one form or another for a very long time?

I enjoy reading. I couldn’t get enough of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, magazine stories during my high school years. I’d get lost in the imagery, suspense, setting, the characters. From there I developed a love for writing and have been creating stories ever since. However, it wasn’t until after college, that I published my first novel—The Lady Mentor in 2014.

Who inspires you?

As mentioned, before I enjoy reading, so when I outgrew the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, I started reading Harlequin romance novels and others. I discovered Sandra Brown while talking with my hairstylist. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve read just about everything she has written. She is my inspiration. Anne Mather, Amanda Quick, Nora Roberts, Joanna Lindsay, Penny Jordon, Tami Hoag, Steven King, John Gresham are authors who also inspire me.

Where are you from? Often I find authors write about areas they live in, sometimes they write about areas way out of their local or comfort zone. What do you do?

I’m originally from Jamaica. I lived in New Jersey for years. Yes, Jamaica is mentioned in one of my stories and many of the settings are in New Jersey.

What about your characters? Are any of them loosely based on people you know? The best or worst of people you have had contact with, or are they simply people you know in your mind and want your readers to know?

The characters are imaginary.

I see you have quite a few for my readers to choose from. Should they start at the beginning, or can they jump in anywhere? What would you like them to read first? I love getting a book as a gift----what title would you recommend they give as a gift?