Looking Ahead ...

The New Year is sneaking up on us. It is a time to look ahead, and say goodbye to last year.

It is a time to celebrate new beginnings.

You do not need a crowd, or anyone, really.

It is a time you can plan ahead and say goodbye to the parts you struggled with, and tuck in your memory the parts you cherished. And believe something good is about to happen because you can feel it.

And make a plan, to go forward.

You are the magic, and whatever it is you have been dreaming of, working toward, or simply readjusting your mind for is ahead of you.

Just go forward.

Happy New Year.

Cheers, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: The Nantucket Tuck You Inn Series-Becoming Santa, Looking for Santa and coming soon The Mermaid Mansion and The Antique Bride and Groom

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