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Lily of the Valley

Hello Friends, like many of you, I am crazy for Lily of the Valley. Just this morning I planted 75 pips hoping to have a nice show in my new yard.

There is something about the delicate little cups that are hard to resist. Diminutive as the flowers are, the scent carries a punch. A small bouquet will scent your room and linger...reminding you that winter is over. I used to sell Lily of the Valley lotion in my tea room and may again. The memories of a few special people who purchased the scent and shared my love for the flower are still with me.

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Lily of the Valley in needlework.

The flower makes an easy to live with decorating theme, the colors are adaptable to whatever else you may want to mix in. Here in my new house, I have created a Lily of the Valley guest room for my guests.