Lily of the Valley

Hello Friends, like many of you, I am crazy for Lily of the Valley. Just this morning I planted 75 pips hoping to have a nice show in my new yard.

There is something about the delicate little cups that are hard to resist. Diminutive as the flowers are, the scent carries a punch. A small bouquet will scent your room and linger...reminding you that winter is over. I used to sell Lily of the Valley lotion in my tea room and may again. The memories of a few special people who purchased the scent and shared my love for the flower are still with me.

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Lily of the Valley in needlework.

The flower makes an easy to live with decorating theme, the colors are adaptable to whatever else you may want to mix in. Here in my new house, I have created a Lily of the Valley guest room for my guests.

I believe this example might be a little easier to duplicate...

As lovely as Lily of the Valley is by itself, it certainly takes on friends well...

And I don't see why you could not print this and slip a photo of someone dear to you in it.

There is a pink strain of Lily of the Valley, I brought with me from Virginia when I lived there. Some was at my house and some I took to the tea room. My customers were fascinated by the true pink color and little by little I would dig it up and ultimately gave it all away. I am in a new spot and will try and find a nursery or catalog that sells it and start a new clump. Plants are meant to be shared so I have no regrets. Some of my favorite plants were gifts and as they grew they meant even more to me because of the people who gave them to me. Some of those people are gone but starts of their beloved plants moved with me to my new home and once again I see them when I see their plants take hold.

This magnificent cake says it all for me. I am not sure if the Lily of the Valley on the cake are sugar, frosting or real. It doesn't matter, it is spectacular. And it could be for any occasion from a garden party, an anniversary and of course a wedding...

Seems fitting that one of my favorite Royals would select Lily of the Valley for her bouquet.

Enjoy spring and Lily of the Valley.


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