It's always tea time!

Dear Friends, It is always tea time.

Time for a lovely sweet and a cup of tea...

Tea time is what civilization is all about...

Don't think of it as strictly British.

Think of it as that quiet time during the day just for you. To revive every so gently with a cup of tea and a sweet.

Or an entire 3 tiered platter of treats...savory and sweet.

Of course it tastes better with a pretty cup and saucer...

See how easy it would be to make these out of After 8's or chocolate graham crackers, a little cream and a berry...

You are special enough for special...

I am cheered just thinking about a cup of tea and a sweet...



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The Midwest Series: Estate of Mind, Make Me Over, The Scrap Book Trilogy, The Greater Expectations 4 book collection.

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