Happy Earth Day

Dear Friends, Today is Earth Day. Let's interpret that anyway we like from taking some quiet time outside, or simply reading a book with a cup of tea.

Our celebrating can simply be quiet appreciation.

Or maybe a little time in the garden. It is still chilly in Chicago but I did stop at a new to me nursery yesterday #HawthornGardens and was forced to admit it just isn't time to plant here yet. I did get one tomato plant I am babying on my counter...simply because I could not resist.

You can see by the tag why I could not resist this tomato. I have great hopes for it.

I thought this was a message we could all use from #shabbychic, #rachelachwell.

These are some salmon colored Hollyhock seeds I have yet to plant. I find starting them indoors just never works. So, again, great hopes for the garden.

Fairy in my garage reminding me I want to be outside.

A good day to tackle the cabbage cake, round cake covered in chocolate leaves...