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Greater Expectations...

Dear Friends, I love books that have sequels. When I get invested in a good story, I hate to see it end, I want just a little more, maybe a lot more. I feel as though I have made friends with these characters, and I want another glimpse.

If you feel this way, then I think you will enjoy my four part series Greater Expectations.

Four women not past their prime but maybe getting a little close on their expiration date—that date where dating was easy breezy parcheesi, meet for breakfast every morning before their day begins. They have a lot, including great friendships with each other. But they would all like a little bit more.

The daily news paper ads for what appears to be a way too rude dating agency annoy yet fascinate them. Finally, they take the plunge only to find out the agency is way out of their budget. But, what if they chipped in? Joined as one—maybe a composite of all of them? And split up the men?

Let me take you to Greater Expectations and introduce you to four women who you will adore, and while I’m at it, give you an inside peek at dating agencies…Join me for an arm chair ride that is comical and poignant at the same time.

Buckle your seat belt.

Cheers, Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild