For all the women who were our Mom's whether by birth or choice...

There is a special kind of care a mom gives. And for whatever reason she does not have to have been your biological mother. It is a gift, the gift of mothering.

Some times a problem solver, other times a shoulder. Always a faerie godmother...

Some we shared with siblings yet still had our own time, our own care and love. There was always enough for everyone...

Even when we misbehaved, they loved us. Stood by us.

Some are gone, yet we still hold them close. Some need us now, we can be there...because they were there...

We are who we are because they were part of our world. They are a page in our book.

They are our royalty. Our own heroes.

A scent, a taste, a quiet moment, they are with us

Happy Mother's Day.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

author: The Nantucket Series: Becoming Santa, Looking for Santa, The Mermaid Mansion. The Mid West series: Estate of Mind, Make Me Over, The Scrap Book Trilogy, The Dating Agency series. Available here or from Amazon.

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