Dog Gifts...

Dear Friends, if you have a dog, well you get it... this is a picture of our dog Piepie with Riona (I can proudly say movie star) when she was visiting the tea room. Piepie adored Riona, and well Riona cared for my dog...

I want to give my dog treats, it is that simple. I have stopped the people food and she is a better dog for it...

But I have decided she needs a couple of Christmas presents.

Do you buy or make Christmas presents for your dog? If you do, let me know.

Piepie has her own Christmas stocking hanging on the mantel with ours. She is pictured there as a baby...

There is also a picture of a Beef Steak and Kidney Pie from the UK, not because she is going to eat it...but because the brand is Pie Society and for whatever reason, well Piepie needs her own society, so it is on her stocking. If anyone wants custom stocking for their dog let me know next year and I will make them.

This is her number one gift this year, a bandanna that says it all. She is also getting a few other treats, but they are already wrapped and tucked in her stocking.

Probably more for me than Piepie, this fun pillow says it all. Even though a Peke only has 3 inch legs (if that) she still likes to sit where you want to sit...

For all the joy they bring us, our pets need a little special treat. Let me know what you are giving your pet.

Cheers, Jacqueline

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