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Crazy books to make you laugh (and maybe scare you just a little)...Introducing Author Andy Zach

Dear friends, I tend to read books in certain categories: light hearted romance, cozy mysteries, biographies, coffee table books (true there is little reading there...but still I count them) decorating books, garden themed books and of course cook books. Somewhere along the way I stumbled on author Andy Zach. I think it was the color of his first book pictured here. I love the color so my eye jumped to it. The title also caught my eye. Whatever could it mean? Surely it didn't mean what it said...did it? The graphic of a hand made into a turkey was every four year old's drawing and yet now it was a touch of modern art...regardless, I picked it up and started to read.

And I knew I had slid out of my assigned categories of reading. I knew it as I squinted, as I laughed and as I got carried away in a creative world only Andy Zach could come up with. And now I would like you to get to know Andy and his work. Take a chance on something that is possibly not your norm. Gift it to someone who needs a laugh or an escape or both...

I would like you all to meet Andy Zach and get to know a little bit about the man behind the Zombie revolution (turkey zombies that is)

Andy, tell me about the types of books you write? I know there are so many, tell me all their titles.

Hi Jackie! Thanks for this opportunity.

I have two main series. The first is a humorous zombie SciFi parody, called the Life After Life Chronicles.