Christmas China

Dear Friends, Those of you who know me, know I am rather addicted to china. Can't help it. And though I got rid of quite a bit before I moved, I kept my favorites including my Christmas Spode Tree Grove. I don't know what there is about Spode that touches me, but it just does.

The Spode Tree Grove is the classic tree with a lovely brown (mainly) border of flowers around it. It goes with my antiques and I never tire of it.

The oversized platters are lovely just sitting out. They are not just for turkey, but actually make a great show filled with a Christmas cookie assortment...

Crisp and traditional all at the same time, the Tiffany Holiday pattern.

The scene depicted here is what we want Christmas to be. Snow, a cottage, a how could these plates not bring a smile?

There are certain things I love, bows are one of them. I have been known to over bow things just because. And tartan. There is not a plaid out there I do not adore. Interior Designer Scott Meachan Woods describes plaid as the new black. I just know, I have tartan through out my home and never tire of it.

Waechterbach is my first set of Christmas dishes. They have been around quite a long time. Happy, simple, sturdy and always a joy to use. I have passed my set on, with my move, but think fondly of many a holiday meal and party using it.

Do you have Christmas dishes? You don't need many to make an impact and turn the holiday season even more festive. Let me know what you have. Storing china is always an issue but I think there is a corner somewhere for holiday dishes... and somehow it all tastes better on holiday china.



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