Dear Friends, I love charms! The more the better! They are the perfect way to express yourself. A single charm makes a statement on a thin piece of ribbon around your neck. A cluster tells a story. A bracelet is a time old tradition reborn. A single charm is an ideal tie on to a gift taking the wrapping up a notch.

Maybe it's time you started living the charmed life...

Such a fun mixture. There is a pink moped, a bright pink bicycle, a brown horse, a pink moon with a star and a magic wand...

It might be a little crazy but I have never out grown my love for Hello Kitty! Here I have kitty by herself in a magenta gown, in her pink car with her sunglasses on her face, in her pink airplane and riding her pet dolphin.

Everyone knows I am crazy for dogs. This little spotted dog charm is too cute for words.

If you love shoes as much as I do, you need a shoe charm bracelet! Turquoise pair of heels, a pink jeweled flip flop, a high heel with a bow on the ankle, a deep pink and crystal heel, and of course the pink jeweled crock. Oh, I forgot the all over pink crystal heel about in the middle of the picture, where the soul shows...

Crowns and wands just go together. Here the pink crystal open crown, in the left hand part of the picture you can see a gold princess crown. And of course the magic wand with a crystal handle...

Here we have some of my favorite fun food. A bowl of fruit loops including a little spoon, a sprinkles donut, an oreo that opens, and to right you can see a pink foil wrapped chocolate bunny.

Tea time lovely cup on a saucer.( I believe I may have one teapot left.) What a great gift tied to a box of tea!

The Welsh Highland Terrier charm. Perfect!

The ice cream truck charm. Here in my new neighborhood the ice cream truck comes down the street every day, just like when I was a child...

I hope this shows you the detail of the ice cream truck a little better.

This little charm of a treasure chest actually opens to show a chest full of gems!

Once again, the bowl of fruit loops, the sprinkles donut and the oreo.

A tiny umbrella, Whether you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh or simply like walking in the rain, this charm can't be beat.

tell the world you are Daddy's girl (2 choices) or Grandma's Girl with a cute charm.

I was hoping this would show the Hello Kitty assortment better.

For all the gardeners, this little flower pot and flower is perfect.

Why not tie it on to a plant for a friend?

The martini glass, need I say more? You know who this one is for...

Brown horse and spotted one.

This is the pink jeweled high heel.

the princesses, too hard to just pick one.

Here we have a calico kitty in a tea cup...

Let your sister know how much you care for her. Let the world know you have a sister. Two styles to choose from.

A lucky four leaf clover. This is actually green, I am not sure why my photo is so washed out.

Pink jeweled cell phone. We spend our lives on them...we need this charm.

This is a repeat of the tea cup but now you can see the teapot. I believe I only have one teapot left.

If you love ballet as much as I do, this little charm is for you. A darling tutu with dangling shoes.

The filigree star. Maybe the wishing star...

the silver rocking horse...