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Dear Readers, many of you know that butterflies are very special to me. As they are to many of my close friends. As a matter of fact I have a friend who raises them, in an outdoor "cage" until they develop.

This is a butterfly cookie cutter that is a good 4 inches across. I have butter softening for sugar cookies. And I will decorate them to look like monarchs.

I am not that serious as the friend who raises butterflies, well, possibly I am, though I have no idea how to do what she does.... but I have put in a butterfly garden in my new yard. This is a picture of monarda, one of the many plants I put in to attract butterflies. It is doing beautifully... and the butterflies are flocking to my garden.

Yes, this cake is breath taking. No, I have not made it. The cake I think I could figure out. The sugar butterflies are another story. But...I could do a version with paper butterflies fluttering above and around a cake. And I think Michaels might have just the thing...if I make it, and come up with a version I will post it.

There is no denying how unreal butterflies are and how significant they are to so many of us. I leave you with this song about butterflies, because it sums up another way I feel.