Becoming Santa...

I believe what we all could use about now is something new to read. Something to take our minds off all that is going on. Something that is a true escape.

My new 2 book series will take you not only to the small island of Nantucket, but to Santa's Village. You may ask yourself, Santa's Village really? Yes, really. It is there, hidden away, out of site, waiting for you to believe again. And visit.

Nantucket Tuck You Inn Becoming Santa and Nantucket Tuck You Inn Looking for Santa, are available as a set on Kindle. (or separate...but I believe you will want to have Looking for Santa ready to read when you finish Becoming Santa...) Becoming Santa is also available as a hard copy on Amazon and here at Her Majesty's English Tea Room ( I believe my copies will be here in the next day or so...) Looking for Santa is out in hard copy Christmas day.

Maybe it's time you took a trip back to when you believed. I know you will find both stories heartwarming.

I hope these stories make your holiday plans just a little sweeter. If you have time, stop in Her Majesty's and I will autograph a copy for you for yourself or a friend. The shoppe is chocked full of wonder items to help you escape the commercialism of the season.

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Welcome to Nantucket Tuck You Inn Becoming Santa, Book One of the Tuck You Inn series

What if you were destined to become the next Santa Claus yet not only fought the idea—simply couldn’t grasp it?

Even if you were in love with the person proposing the idea to you? Even if your son felt he’d found his new mom?

After all, how could you believe in something so totally outrageous when you don’t even believe in yourself…?

And when the love of your life leaves, because it is almost Christmas and she has work to do, you cast all logic to the winds and chase after her.

Your only address is Santa’s Village, North Pole. Your planes get smaller until you find yourself on a train going through Candy Land and King Kandy himself taking you by sleigh to Santa’s Village.

A story of a young man who cannot believe in himself mind Santa Claus, and a young boy who doesn’t question his belief just feels he has found a mom.

Join me from the magical island of Nantucket to the North Pole and start to believe all over again …

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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Nantucket Tuck You Inn Looking for Santa:

Now it's time to see what happens next. Join me and all the characters you have grown to love as we look for Santa...Jacqueline

Santa Claus has a summer house on Nantucket! Absurd!

But ace New York Times reporter Max is on a ferry to the island, to satisfy his young nieces, when he meets the elusive Noel, part time dress designer for Nantucket’s #1 boutique and part time designer to the first family of Santa’s Village and starts to change his tune.

Is the entire island hiding Santa’s secret and if so what would it take to crack the exclusive circle of insiders—short of love? But of course, first Max needs to believe.


Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite Becoming Santa is a work of fiction in the holiday drama, emotional fiction, and cozy reads sub-genres, and was penned by author Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild. Written as a novel in the Nantucket Tuck You Inn Series, this charming work follows the exploits of a mysterious woman who arrives on the island of Nantucket with no memory of who she is. As Belle becomes a cause of gossip amongst the locals, she catches the eye of Santa stand-in Harvey Nichols, and he and his little boy Walter are about to have their lives changed by this breath of fresh air. What results is an uplifting holiday drama sure to remind us all of the magic of Christmas. Author Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild has crafted a cozy little holiday read that will certainly warm the hearts of all those who want a sweet and heartfelt drama to settle into during the dark winter nights. One of the things which particularly impressed me about this work was the quality of the character development and emotional depth, which works deep into the psyche of the comfort that we all seek in our lives. Harvey’s journey with his grief is beautifully portrayed through dialogue and narrated action, and both he, Belle, and little Walter feel like real people whom the audience can root for and fall in love with too. Overall, I would highly recommend Becoming Santa as a charming and engrossing start to a wonderful new series, and one which will sit on readers’ shelves for many holiday seasons to come.

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