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Author you need to read: Rick C. Barry

Dear Friends, A new writer has come across my path, though he is not new, he is new to me. And I would like you all to meet him. Rick Barry writes a variety of things, but I will let him explain it all to you. I just think you might want to look him up and give his books a try.

Rick Barry has climbed mountains, jumped from perfectly good airplanes, toured WW II battlefields, and visited Eastern Europe over 50 times in Christian ministry. He holds a degree in Foreign Language Education and speaks Russian. His fiction and non-fiction have been published by Kregel Books, Focus on the Family, JourneyForth Books, Answers in Genesis, and others. His novels are Kiriath's Quest, Gunner's Run, The Methuselah Project, Methuselah Project S.O.S., and The Next Fithian: An Ordinary Teen on a Strange, New World. His favorite theme in writing fiction is "Ordinary People in Extraordinary Circumstances."

Rick, tell my readers what you write? What is the subject matter.

I began writing for publication in my sophomore year of university. I entered a writing contest I had noticed in a Christian magazine. I didn't win, but they liked my 1,000-word article enough that they bought it and printed it! After that, I began studying the craft of writing. Over the years I have written articles, devotional pieces, short stories for both adults and children, plus 5 novels. Two of my novels are for adult fans of suspense. The other 3 are geared for teens/young adults (although many adults read them too).

What about the variety you write?

Some common advice for writers is to specialize in one genre that interests them. It's good advice. However, I have a wide variety of interests! So, even though I have written inspirational suspense novels with a touch of romance in them, whenever the editor of Focus on the Family's Clubhouse magazine invites me to write a short story for middle-grade kids, I always agree. I enjoy the variety. It provides a fun change of pace.