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Author Cindy Ervin Huff

Dear Friends, I would like to introduce you to a fascinating writer, Cindy Ervin Huff.

Cindy, tell my readers exactly what you write. Can you give us a brief (paragraph or so ) synopsis of your stories to lure us in?

I write Historical Romance and Contemporary Romance. As a Christian I don’t write heated love scenes, but the attraction is noticeable. My characters have real-life problems like PTSD and abuse. And all of them have dogs. My historical romances Secrets & Charades, The Cowboys and my upcoming releases Rescuing Her Heart and Angelina’s Resolve all have strong female characters who can take care of themselves until they can’t. And my heroes aren’t perfect but determined to solve whatever problem comes their way in typical male fashion. New Duet, my only contemporary romance in print, has a wounded warrior, and an abused widow trying to find who they are after their individual traumas. They are all traditionally published and are available on Amazon in paperback and e-book. New Duet and Secrets & Charades are available in audiobook too.

Cindy, when did you start writing? Is it something you thought about for a long time or is it something that you woke up one morning and said, today I have a story to tell...

I’ve always had characters floating around in my head. My imagination and I had great fun as I doze off for the night. In eighth grade I turned in a short story and my teacher asked if she could submit it to a magazine contest. I was over -the-moon. I didn’t win or even place, but her encouragement that it was good enough to submit set my course for writing. Through high school I served on the newspaper staff and wrote skits for both my Thespian Troupe and church youth group. After I married and started a family. (Yes, I married right out of high school- it was the 70s.) I wrote children’s stories and radio scripts for a children’s program. I continued to write sketches for my church and later for my children’s homeschool group to perform. I did a monthly editorial column for the local paper for a few years before I abandoned writing for ten years. When God nudged me to get back at it I began my novel journey freeing all those characters in my head to find their home on paper.

How do you write? Long hand and then type into your computer? Directly to your computer? Do you know what the outcome is before you start? And how long does it take you to take a story from the first words to completion?

Usually I go directly to my computer and start typing. I have done scenes long hand if I’m in a waiting room or the passenger in a car. Long hand sometimes frees my creativity if I am stuck. Before I retired I’d come home with lots of little slips of paper in my pockets or purse of notes or scenes that came to mind during my downtime.