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Author Christine Egbert, new to me...

Dear Readers, I would like to introduce you to an author, new to me: Christine Egbert. Her novel Miracle Across the Sound is both tender and moving and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Q Christine, how long have you been writing?

A: I have always had a fascination with words and loved to read. When I was in grade school, I used to write little stories on notebook paper and sell them to my dad for a quarter. Then in my senior year of High School—1969-70—my English class had to enter the VFW’s annual essay contest titled “The Dangers of Communism To Our American Way of Life” as an assignment. My essay won first place in Monroe county, then went on to win first place in the State of Florida. But it wasn’t until I turned fifty, that I started to hone my craft as a fiction writer.

Q Tell my readers a little bit about Miracle Across the Sound?

A: "Miracle Across the Sound" is Christian, historical fiction, published by Little Roni Publishing in their new Messianic Inprint, Betrothed. .

The main character is twenty-year-old Fleming Lund, a Jewish college student who has recently come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as Israel’s Messiah but reads the New Testament through Jewish eyes. He has not spoken to his next-door neighbor—and former fiancée, Liesel Prestur, a Lutheran—for nearly two years. The estrangement ends the night they both witness the Gestapo arrest a Jewish family across the street. Woven into the romance is the inspiring but little-known history of how ordinary Danes hid, then smuggled nearly all of their Jewish neighbors to freedom in neutral Sweden over the month of October in 1943.

Q What would you say in a sentence or two to compel someone to want to read your book?

A: Philosopher Edmund Burk once wrote: “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” I hope that the heroism of the Danish people in WWII, which weaves my novel together, will inspire readers to take courage, to trust God and take a stand against EVIL in whatever form it comes.