Anne's Anteex--gotta go...

Anne's Anteex: 603 W. Lake ave, Peoria, Ill 61614



Dear Friends, I would like you to meet an antique dealer who has just the right touch and assortment, I think you will like: Greg from Anne's Anteex

Greg, to my way of thinking your antique shoppe has it all. Exactly what do you specialize in:
We started in toys and as our passions changed, we evolved into Antique advertising

What are some of your most popular categories in the shoppe?

We sell a lot of advertising and mid-century modern is always popular

Everything is so pristine and yet I know it is all old. I can tell you and your wife go to a lot of trouble to preserve and present your antiques you offer your customers.

I am sure everyone wants to know what an antique dealer collects?

I get this question a lot and many assume our collection is like our shop. Actually we used to have one of the largest black Americana collections in the Midwest. We liquidated it in 2008 when I was down with a bad rotator cuff. We do have lots of advertising but it is not our main emphasis. We still collect Peoria area advertising and Maxfield Parrish. I collect anything relating to the electrical industry and Art Nouveau/Art Deco figurines, while Anne collects Talcum Powder tins, early Santa Claus and Polar Bears.

Can people call you to sell their items?

We are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday but our phone number is my cell, where we can be reached any day of the week. We love to look at collections.

Your store is unreal, but you also do some major antique shows. Tell us about them:

We do the Indianapolis Antique Advertising Show (Lebanon Indiana)as well as the Chicagoland coin-op and Jukebox show (Grayslake IL) and Collector’s Eye (Cedar Rapids Iowa) all twice a year. We do the Iowa gas show in Des Moines each August and the Peotone Gas and Oil show twice a year if they ever get back to an indoor show. Throw in a few more random ones. When Anne retires we will probably add a few.

What about estate sales? I feel you would be the perfect choice if someone wanted to liquidate an estate. What can you tell my readers?

Estate sales are a lot of work and we only do 2-3 a year. We are very picky about the sales we do, so if we have one you will be assured it will be a great sale

How did your love for old things get started?

I grew up in Joplin Missouri. My Mother was an avid antique collector filling a 4 story brick Victorian home. Every weekend was spent going “junkin” as she called it, across Southwest Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. We got the leftovers from the auction boxes and spent our lawn mowing money at Antique Shops and Flea Markets. Anne’s Dad always dabbled in Antiques and so she was around it too. It seemed only natural to seek out treasures most of our married life.

Are there trends now in antiques that people are looking for?

I really think Antique collecting has morphed into finding that special accent that makes your home unique. Advertising is a great way to accomplish this as the early graphics in advertising are really pieces of art in their own right. A big resurgence in Mid Century modern has also been the result of designing a lamp or a piece of furniture to actually be a piece of art, with flowing lines and décor.

Do interior designers come to you to help accessorize their homes? If not, any designers reading this need to seek you out.

We do not actually work with interior designers as it seems the Peoria area is lacking in that respect. We do have several from larger Metropolitan areas that visit us regularly.

How old is your oldest item?

We have many items from the mid 1800s but I believe our oldest item is probably a Samurai Mempo, or Warriors armored mask.

What about your newest?

We try to keep pre 1970 but have a few items from the 70s and early 80s. mainly Rock and Roll, Psychedelica or TV show related

Tell us about the excitement in the hunt for new items to offer your customers.

There is nothing I enjoy more than the excitement of finding that special piece. It is what gets me up at 4:30 every morning and makes all the long hours worthwhile. I told a woman the other day that I would rather go through an attic than have sex. That has been a big adjustment from my younger years.

I am sure my readers would like to know if you have or have had a dog? And if so, what kind?

We have had dogs all our lives. We used to raise Golden Retrievers and I loved training them. People were always amazed when they came to pick out a puppy and I would say “Puppy Come” and they would all run up and “Puppy Sit” and they would all sit in front of them. Our last Golden got out and was hit by a car. We wanted something smaller so we got an Australian Shepherd. What a difference in personality. He used to herd the kids and run in figure eights for 5 minutes when you let him out of the kennel. After he passed we decided with our busy show schedule it would be better to be without. I have tried to convince Anne we need to get a small dog that could accompany us to shows but so far haven’t fared well. I think she knows where the burden of upkeep would fall.

Where can my readers find you?

Mainly we are very active on Facebook under Anne’s Anteex or at our shop and shows. We have a website but it is mainly informational.

Anne's Anteex: 603 W. Lake ave, Peoria, Ill 61614



What are your social media sites?

Like I said we are pretty active on Facebook but I haven’t quite mastered the Instagram thing

Is there anything else important I forgot to ask, you would like my readers to know?

I think you have covered a lot except that we strive to buy excellent quality and condition. This sometimes costs a little more but when you buy something from us you will not be disappointed in the future. The other thing is the wonderful people we have met in 35 years of doing business. It has led us on countless adventures including a lovely young woman liquidating her current lifestyle in order to start a new chapter in her life. A friend I will have forever.