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A village of book shoppes! Indeed! #Victoria Magazine

Dear Friends, there is a village in Wales that is predominantly book shoppes! Indeed! Could this be a dream destination for both a fan of the UK and a book-aholic ?

Victoria Magazine never disappoints but I found the September issue extremely lovely. Page after page from china to embroidery, all the things I hold dear...but when I came to this story on a village in Wales, I stopped short.

Whether you are an arm chair traveler or sincerely are ready to plan a trip, Hay-on-Wye holds so much fascination. A town that saved itself by books! A small village that refused to get swept away by modern times and yet attracted people to come visit by its very love of books.

May I suggest you get a copy of the September issue of Victoria Magazine and read more. Nestled in the Welsh countryside, steeped with tradition and architecture, books abound. If this isn't poetry to my mind, I have no idea what is. A town as in love with books as so many of us...



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