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Dear Readers, When it gets too hot to work in my garden, I escape to a good book and a cup of tea. Let me suggest my Nantucket Tuck You Inn series as just such an escape.

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Follows is an interview with Author Andy Zach;

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Andy's Interview:

Andy: Dear Readers: I would like to introduce you to a writer I have been fascinated with. Her work is slight romance, with enough fantasy or unbelievable things happening to keep me reading. Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild I know my readers all believe in Santa Claus, how could you not? But other than just believing, haven’t you ever wondered if Santa ever changed? Aged? Retired? Or was once young … just starting out? And exactly what is Santa’s Village like? Does he have neighbors? Who are they? Is Santa ‘up there’ year-round or does he have a summer house? Jacqueline: Thank you Andy for sitting down with me to talk today. Yes, Santa in fact does change, though very slowly. Time in Santa’s Village is unlike time in the real world as we know it. Santa, in fact has aged, had his knees replaced and can no longer maneuver the chimneys causing Mother Nature to help find a Santa Claus replacement or new Santa. The old Santa, just like a President will always retain his title but in fact will retire. There are certain qualities that are essential to become Santa, one is being able to instantly tell just what it is someone would like as a gift. The other is being able to determine if you belong on the naughty or nice list. These are inherent qualities someone either has or has not. Andy: So you are saying there is a new Santa on his way? Jacqueline: Yes, he has the necessary qualities needed as he is a toy maker and Santa Stand-In on Nantucket. He is also drop dead gorgeous, and a widow with a young son, adding a little complexity to the situation. Plus it is not that he is a non-believer, he simply has never thought it through. Also his name goes against him as a choice. He is not a Nick or Chris or any deviation of any name we all associate with Santa Claus. His name is Harvey. Not as in the big rabbit, but Harvey Nickols as in the department store in London. This is highly irregular and possibly a stumbling block. He has also not dated, mind fallen in love for an exceptionally long time. When a woman literally falls from no where on Nantucket, somehow, he becomes beyond attracted. He is in over his head with love. She has amnesia which he assures her means nothing to him. They can work through whatever or wherever she is from … Until she starts to remember that is. She is convinced she was brought to him to not only become the next Santa Claus, but that she is on a time limit, with Christmas Eve looming. Suddenly Harv freaks out, his love forgotten. He cannot believe one impossible thing before breakfast, mind seven. It is too much for him to handle and he withdraws back to his lonely shell. But his son Walter is convinced this is going to be his new mom and he cannot let go of the idea or understand his father’s unwillingness to accept the idea he is destined to be the next Santa Claus. Andy: So where do they go from there? Jacqueline: Well, I do not want to give too much away but the young woman needs to return to Santa’s Village to help get ready for Christmas Eve. Once she is gone Harv’s loneliness outweighs his fears, and he starts hopping on planes to try and find her. In the process he stops in Candy Land. Andy: As in the board game? Jacqueline: Yes, the board game comes to life on Harv’s journey to Santa’s Village, including King Kandy. Andy: So Santa’s Village is real? Jacqueline: Quite real. Andy: And is Christmas saved? And does the boy get the girl? Jacqueline: Well I think you need to read it to find out. But let me assure you as we just had a Christmas with gifts and treats, yes, the legend goes on. Andy: And Walter, the little boy? Jacqueline: Well, we all want certain things for Christmas and Walter very much wanted a mom … Join me in Nantucket Tuck You Inn Becoming Santa for an armchair adventure that is both vacation to the excessively small island of Nantucket and a peak into the world Up North you can only imagine, while sharing a romance that will make you smile and become a believer… Available on Amazon and through my website teatimewithhermajesty.com Andy: So is that it? Do you just leave your readers once Christmas is over? Jacqueline: Oh no, the adventure continues as two very spoiled sisters challenge their uncle Max to find out if Santa has a summer home on Nantucket. The story is Nantucket Tuck You Inn Looking for Santa, book two in the Nantucket Tuck You Inn series Andy: A summer home? Jacqueline: Uh huh. New York Times reporter Maxwell Kilmartin jumps a ferry to the seven-mile island of Nantucket with no more than a note pad and a duffle bag to prove to his nieces there is no summer home, there is no Santa Claus. Andy: No Santa Claus? Jacqueline: Max figures he will be in and out but never plans on falling under the charms of the elusive Noel, fashion designer to the most exclusive boutique on Nantucket and fashion designer to all the important stars at Santa’s Village. Andy: And this story is exciting because? Jacqueline: Max shows a vulnerable side as he goes down memory lane with thoughts of his kind grandma and his childhood when he believed all things were possible. And let’s just say the interaction with Noel, well, the romance does get a tad steamy. Andy: Does Max venture ‘Up North’? Jacqueline: Yes … There is also quite a bit of over-the-top fashion from Noel’s creative designs for the Nantucket boutique and the outfits she designs for the super stars ‘Up North’. Retail with faerie dust, that kind of thing … Andy: Does Max ever discover if Santa has a summer home on Nantucket? Jacqueline: Let’s just say the island is out to lynch him and prevent ANY reporting on Santa or Nantucket. Andy: Okay, you have me hooked. But what is next? Jacqueline: Coming out soon are two new stories in the Nantucket Tuck You Inn series. Next door to the Tuck You Inn … Andy: Is the Tuck You Inn the basic headquarters for Becoming Santa and Looking for Santa? Jacqueline: Yes. There is an abandoned mansion next door to the Tuck You Inn that has been locked for 100 years. The time has come to open it and discover its secrets. Andy: More Christmas? Jacqueline: No, this is the story about a pirate who loved a mermaid and built her a mansion, her untimely death and a current parallel story. It also introduces 5-year-old Clemmie. For any of your readers who have read my Scrap Book Trilogy set in the Midwest and followed the antics of Auntie Clara, the very senior woman takes a vacation to Nantucket and now becomes a regular, bringing her special brand of magic with her. I hope your readers will join me on an adventure of pirates and tender love in Nantucket Tuck You Inn The Mermaid Mansion. Coming soon. Andy: Didn’t you say there were two books coming out? Jacqueline: Yes, following the Mermaid Mansion is Nantucket Tuck You Inn The Chocolate Fiancé. Andy: It sounds like a story about chocolate and love. Jacqueline: A chocolate pastry chef from England and a love story with a man she literally has made up. And an additional romance with the boutique owner Gwyn and the head chef at the Wauwanet Inn. Andy: And will there be more in this series? Jacqueline: In production is Nantucket Tuck You Inn The Antique Bride and Groom, the story of one woman’s antiquing journey from Roundtop Texas to Nantucket and the long-gone people whose antiques she acquires and the influence they have on her. Andy: These long-gone people, are they real? Jacqueline: Yes, caught somewhere between here and there…because they are needed. After that is Nantucket Tuck You Inn The Reluctant Photographer. Every time Pierce takes a photo, uninvited images or characters appear in his photographs. They are all from the past, with a story to tell…except one, a young woman who comes into his life via a photograph for a reason. Andy: Have you written anything else that my readers might enjoy? Jacqueline: Yes, I have a Mid-west series: Estate of Mind about a bed and breakfast and the absentee owner who finally returns to see his home turned into a business. Make Me Over, a determined interior designer who works round the clock until she is put on the Bachelorette Show and is forced to deal with all her buried emotions. The Scrap Book Trilogy: Creating Memories, Grand Memories (takes place at the Murder Mystery at Grand Hotel), and Charmed Memories. Three ancient aunties scrap book with a twist. Everything they put in their scrapbooks happens. Eventually they start to manipulate their granddaughters. The Greater Expectations Four Book Collection: Trish’s Story, Maggie’s Story, Pandora’s Story, Jillian’s Story. 4 friends past their best before date chip in and join a costly dating agency and split up the men. Tender and humorous both. Andy: Where can my readers find you? Jacqueline: Under Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild on Amazon. Or my site teatimewithhermajesty.com where I also sell very British things, review other writers and artists, and toss in Royal tidbits. Facebook: Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild jackiegillam@frontier.com Instagram-coming soon. Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter. Thank you, Andy, for taking your time to visit with me.

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