Take a chance ...

These are words Jerry and I take to heart. We are quiet risk takers, always looking ahead...

Labor Day is a special anniversary for us. We had quit our rat race jobs and opened our own small store Fairchild's at Northpoint. I guess we've gotten a little older and maybe like the Clancy Brother's song, older but no wiser. Still, we took a leap with no money, just a lot of experience, and have never looked back.

Why we weren't afraid, escapes me. We just knew if we kept working we could make our dreams come true.

We left Northpoint in 2000 and moved to Dunlap, and bought an old building...

And added Her Majesty's English Tea Room to our mix.

We've met so many wonderful people over the years, we thank all of you for believing in our dream by just showing up.

So happy labor day. Who knows what is next? But we are up for the ride.

Jacqueline and Jerry

Her Majesty's English Tea Room at Fairchild's

211 N. 2nd Street, Dunlap, Ill 61525


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