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Happy 50th Birthday Woodstock

Happy 50th Birthday Woodstock. Anyone young in the 60's knew about Woodstock. But for what ever reason people already working and having young families missed the Woodstock frenzy. Still it was a free time, an innocent time, but most of all it was a time of music. And since then we have all heard of it.

Woodstock was one of many festivals at the time, just the one that got the most publicity.

I have no clue how the world really worked before the internet etc. but for whatever reason everyone knew the musicians and their music. And it was all about the music and the messages tucked in that music.

Arlo Guthrie sang at Woodstock and was beloved by all. His fame came from Alice's Restaurant. Maybe you can pull this up to hear what it was all about:

The list of musicians at Woodstock goes on and on with names you may know like Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Grateful Dead, Joan Baez and many more great names. Others who were small at the time and later rose to fame. Others that were beloved like The Incredible String Band who were different from all the hard rock.

Janis Joplin somehow still reaches those deep corners of whatever is going on in your head and just says it all-louder, gutsy-er, thr