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What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie...or two. The one you watch over and over again... there are three movies I seem to loop when decorating the tree at home, making Christmas cookies or some elaborate forgotten ethnic dessert that reminds me of my childhood... Top on my list is the old Kim Novak/Jimmy Stewart movie Bell Book and Candle. I love it so much we named our little Peke Piewacket after the cat. If you haven't seen it, well, see if you can find it. This is the first movie Jack Lemmon ever made. Also starring Hermine Gringold.

There are two versions of this movie (Christmas in Connecticut) and I adore the newer version with Dyan Cannon but it is the classic that tugs at my heart and gets me every time. You can't beat Barbara Stanwyck...I love everything about it to her Uncle Felix, the fabulous stone house in Connecticut and well, all of it. I play it so often, Jerry will walk by and pick up the dialog as though he was reading it.

Now I have to say there is a bit of screaming in this remake but it also has some funny lines that make me laugh every time I hear them. And Tony Curtis is brilliant...