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Time to dress up but most of us hate our arms...

Well, arms are rarely the most attractive feature any of us have. But we sell and I wear Sleevey Wonders. Pictured above, they are sheer arms that slip under any sleeveless top or dress. The white ones I have on here I am wearing backwards, so the back fills in the low cut neckline of this dress.

You can also take a strapless dress and pop one on to give it a whole new look. We carry them in white, ivory, black, red, a few pastel colors. And yes we have your size up to a 2x.

Here I am wearing a great floral shift. I never would have purchased this if I knew I couldn't wear my Sleevy Wonders. Not only does do they cover up, they hold your arm in. The entire look is firmer and better. So, don't let that sleeveless outfit just sit in your closet...stop in and try some on.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Greater Expectations.

Her Majesty's English Tea Room

211 N. 2nd Street

Dunlap, Ill 61525