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Holiday crackers are here!

Christmas crackers or poppers are a great UK tradition! You place one on the dinner plate and your guest grasps it with both hands and tears it apart (true) There is a little stick inside that when pulled apart lets out a crack or pop noise--almost like a crack of toy gun! This is where the name cracker or popper comes from. Inside is a paper crown. You will see pictures of the Queen wearing her paper crown. Everyone puts their's on, even your stuffy-est guests will crack a smile. There is also a joke or fortune. Traditionally you go around the table and read your joke or fortune. Then there is a toy. These are the greatest thing to break the ice and get a dinner party started. The ones pictured here with nutcrackers have mini nutcrackers in them! Start your own British tradition and get Christmas Crackers. Here at Her Majesty's. 309-243-8322. Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Greater Expectations. Open house/party here at the tea room Sunday Dec 2, 12-4pm. Hope to see you

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