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Greater Expectations--coming soon

It isn’t like a light switch.

Or…an overnight wonder.

It creeps up on you unnoticed. Like night seeping into day and taking over. The minutia of living blinds you to the reality. The reality that time has indeed slipped away. I’d like you to meet four totally different women… Two had careers that turned into jobs. One had a job that never changed. The fourth had a fabulous career. A career that ended. Was forced to. By Father Time. Four women who are different but they all have one thing that binds them.

They’re lonely.

They want Mr. Right now.

They’ve given up on the bars. Exhausted their friends. And now they are taking a second look at something they’d always turned their noses up at. Critically, cynically, only to discover…they can’t afford it.

Yet every morning they are taunted when they open the newspaper and see the newest ad:

Greater Expectations

Are you caught in a routine where your day dreams

Are the most exciting part of your day?

Find the compliment to your inner personality

And make those dreams a reality.

Call us today

Greater Expectations

A dating service that taps into your dreams


“$10,000.00 is a lot of money! But if we all chip in, pool our best features; divvy up the spoils…if we CHEAT we can join!”