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A perfect day for a cup of tea and a good story

Take a little time for yourself and enjoy a cup of tea and a good story.

If you are watching the Bachelorette Show I am sure it has crossed your mind how stunning the Bachelorette is and why in heavens name does she need to be 'fixed up'! In my new novel Make Me Over, Hallie is a mid 40s workaholic. She has devoted her life to her interior design business and is a raging success. So successful that people clamor for her to make over their homes. But she is lonely. And her well intending friends put her name in to the Bachelorette Show. And suddenly the idea of a little bit older bachelorette, maybe a little desperate, certainly not quite so picky appeals to the producer Amy, another mid 40s girl who has given up any social life for her career.

Follow along as Hallie realizes everything isn't about her job. And take a step down memory lane with me to the old department stores of another era. One, Hallie's family owned. I know this will be a great escape for you. Enjoy Make Me Over.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild.