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Creating Memories free on Kindle May 28-June 1

My publisher and I are offering Creating Memories on Kindle for free from May 28 through June 1 to introduce you to Auntie Clara and my series.

Simply go to Kindle and put the title Creating Memories in and enjoy it for free.

Welcome to Creating Memories

Can three fossilized friends take scrapbooking to a higher level? Absolutely! When whatever they put in their scrapbooks happens! But what happens when they go from pocket change, to what we all want? Family! Isn’t there a limit to control?

Introducing Auntie Clara.

Unemployed Lizzie leaves NYC with no more than a letter from an unknown auntie with the promise of a job and apartment. Landscaper was not what the former ad girl had in mind.

Auntie Clara's magic scrapbook brought Lizzie, but can it keep her? What if Lizzie was to open a scrapbook shoppe, Creating Memories. To sweeten the deal Auntie Clara has manipulated Cooper to fall for Lizzie.

One call from Lizzie's old agency has her back in NYC, leaving three old women heartbroken, not to mention one race car driver. And who is going to tend the store? What would it take short of Auntie Clara almost killing herself to get her niece to return?

I hope you enjoy reading Creating Memories as much as I enjoyed writing it. Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Make Me Over, Estate of Mind, The Scrap Book Trilogy