Make Me Over...coming soon

This is the cover for my new novel Make Me Over. Yes it is the story of an unwilling older Bachelorette. Hallie Great ( for those of you who have read my other novels, this is Hallie's story). Hallie is a professional woman--she owns her own interior design business. Business is an understatement, her friends call it her empire. And in a way it is. She has devoted her life to building her business.

And now she is lonely.

I hope you will follow Hallie's story as she not only makes over her client's homes but is made over for the T V production of the Bachelorette.

Many of you know that before Jerry and I opened Fairchild's and Her Majesty's English Tea Room I was an interior designer. I worked for a prestigious old department store that I describe in this story. It was a store from another era, when they still had luxury dining rooms for their patrons, elevator operators (even when the elevators became automated, simply to retain the old charm) and of course, high end interior design studios. Studios that brought in English antiques and furniture pieces so lovely they would bring tears to your eyes. It was a wonderful time to be a designer in a setting that has dissipated from time...

So many of you may recognize my old haunt in this story. And enjoy the luxury that we all took for granted back then.

Jerry feels that this is my most tender story and in a way I agree with him. It is not just the story of meeting someone, but someone who will fit into your world. Who will take on your world. And understand you and be your friend through it all. And of course it addresses the fact that just because a few years have slipped by the desire for a great companion is still there ... possibly more intense than before.

I believe it will be out soon. The final spell check, or possibly the millionth, has put more creases in my face. But I think it will be a story you will want to read, again and again.

Warm regards,

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Estate of Mind, The Scrap Book Trilogy, Make Me Over

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