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Christmas Ornaments at Her Majesty's

I love Christmas. Something about Christmas spells magic to me! I put our trees up at home early, so I can come home tired and turn on their twinkly lights. And the glow of all those tiny lights just mellows me out and makes me smile. And maybe sigh a bit for all that Christmas means.

I love glass ornaments. They seem to just glisten on a tree and make the tree come to life. We are proud to be Old World dealers and sell a huge assortment of styles. I hate when people say huge, but this time I think it applies. We have mermaids and seashells, dogs in as many breeds as they make, fairy princesses, fruit and fruit pies. Flags, and ornaments to represent your travels including a tiny suitcase. Bridal and grandma. The list goes on and on and we love them all.

Ornaments are the perfect gift. When the person receiving one puts your ornament on their tree, they will always think of you.

We hope you will stop in this season and take a look at our assortment. While you're here you might try some Christmas tea or maybe a plum pudding and celebrate the holidays in true Brit style.

We will be open the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We are booking dining reservations and hope you can join us. We will be closed Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th. Jerry played Jarvis the butler at the Grand Hotel Murder Mystery. He has been invited by the Murder Mystery Company to model for them as Jarvis the butler. So we are dusting off his vintage tux and will make the trip to help them out.

I know I usually mention my novels and hope you will consider one as gift to your reading friends. I have a new one coming out in January that I am very excited about and will give you a hint of later. I am also working on a new one that is both tender and funny, so there are many surprises to come in my writing world.

I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving whether it is a quiet day at home or with friends and family. And so many people traditionally start their Christmas decorating on don't let the tangled lights get to you. And enjoy. It is such a short and sweet season.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: The Scrap Book Trilogy and Estate of Mind