Scrap Booking

Ever since I wrote my Scrap Book Trilogy, I have wanted to offer unusual scrap booking items here at Her Majesty's. I know there are a million things out there, but are they different? Are they romantic? This is a fabulous book of scrap book papers and a CD to download even more...think how creative you can be with this...

Another scrap book helper! This book is loaded with great scrap and again, a CD with even more to choose from. We also have darling stickers so you can simply add a sticker here and there to enhance your work.

We also have charms. A charm can be pinned on to a page for just a little extra emphasis. After I wrote Charmed Memories, I realized how touching a charm could be added to your scrap book. And like my hero Dee, charm designer, simply wear your favorites around your neck on a thin piece of ribbon. The wish is always good to have a wish handy.

This is the car Lizzie found in her samples of charms from Dee. It represents the very dashing Cooper, race car driver turned import car dealer...and a man who made Lizzie just a little bit crazy--when he wasn't charming her.

The faerie bell is to summon the faeries--you simply give it a little ring, but only if you seriously need their help. Now the faeries may or may not answer your call. Auntie Bertie and her granddaughter Dee used their faerie bells when they were just this side of desperate. How could you not want one? To wear or to tie on your scrap book cover with a little cord or ribbon.

We have the charms mentioned in my trilogy, so I hope when you read them you will look for a charm.

I don't like to do everything the way I am supposed to. And that includes my scrap booking. I didn't want a standard album. This is a beautiful sketch book, actually a reproduction of a very old one. It is perfect for me to tuck in a photo here and there and write a little reminder of why that time was special. The pages are soft quality and easily enhanced with a romantic sticker. I have taken a cluster of charms and placed a ribbon along the spine of my sketch book, with the charms dangling. We have these sketch books here at Her Majesty's. Scrap book? Journal? Or just for memories.

And when you need a quiet escape, I believe you will love getting lost in my Scrap Book Trilogy. Creating Memories introduces the plucky Auntie Clara (pictured on the cover) and her adventures with her great niece Lizzie, who she lures to the middle of no where from New York City. And as if that isn't enough, she convinces Lizzie to open a scrap book store Creating Memories--just to keep her in town. Of course Auntie Clara just doesn't have the power to get everything she wants.

In book two Auntie Blanchie now wants her fashion designer great granddaughter Coco to be near by. Let me take you on an adventure the fabulous Murder Mystery at Grand Hotel. Actually Jerry and I just returned from this year's murder mystery. If you cannot make the trip, this is an arm chair version that will take you inside one of the grandest hotels in the world. Be my guest and join Coco as her life changes.

Book three closes my scrap book. As the title implies it is about charms...and gem stones. Meet charm designer Dee Shannon from Scotland and take a little side trip with me to the Highlands and then lets make a quick stop in Edinburgh before we return to the middle of no where. There is a language to gem stones just as there is a language to flowers and I believe you will enjoy learning it. And when your own life is quiet, promise your self you will create your own memories and start a scrap book. And let me know how it turns out---not that a scrap book is ever done.

Warm regards,

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild-author: The Scrap Book Trilogy and Estate of Mind. Coming soon: Make Me Over.

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