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Scrap Booking

Ever since I wrote my Scrap Book Trilogy, I have wanted to offer unusual scrap booking items here at Her Majesty's. I know there are a million things out there, but are they different? Are they romantic? This is a fabulous book of scrap book papers and a CD to download even more...think how creative you can be with this...

Another scrap book helper! This book is loaded with great scrap and again, a CD with even more to choose from. We also have darling stickers so you can simply add a sticker here and there to enhance your work.

We also have charms. A charm can be pinned on to a page for just a little extra emphasis. After I wrote Charmed Memories, I realized how touching a charm could be added to your scrap book. And like my hero Dee, charm designer, simply wear your favorites around your neck on a thin piece of ribbon. The wish is always good to have a wish handy.