Murder at Grand Hotel!

The 2017 Murder Mystery Weekend at Grand Hotel was without a question beyond spectacular!

Pictured above left to right: Sleazy McQueen, Warren Peace, Cherry Bomb, Professor Purple, and Donna Badthing!

Holding the gun is Detective Peter Ness who held the audience at gun point! The story: Best Laid Plans was fast moving and funny!

Left to right: Doctor Sarah Dippitty, Professor Purple, Donna Badthing and Jarvis the butler.

Our favorite team Kala's Team not only went all out in their costumes, but won BEST DRESSED! And without a doubt they were!

Maid Oola La giving Detective Peter Ness a hard time! And keeping us all laughing!

One of our all time favorite guests, the very talented Leon as Mr. Greenspan and Miss Peacock

Leon and Josh---(With Kala peeking between them) I am quite sure they dress this way all the time!!! Fabulous!

The brilliant Detective Peter Ness and gorgeous Donna Badthing!

Jarvis the Butler being interrogated and accepting bride money!

Left to right: Sir Warren Peace, Maid Oola La, Cherry Bomb, and Jarvis the Butler in the stunning pink Ball Room

Kala's team looking fabulous!

Detective Peter Ness taking care of guest...

Chris, our brilliant cinematographer--we look forward to his professional pictures.