It's apple time!

I love apples! And now is the perfect time to not only get some, but try some different varieties!'

Candy apples are easier than you think. Simply make sure you have washed and dried your apples. Melt caramel over a double burner or use a metal bowl in a bigger sauce pan. This will help you from scorching the caramel. Same for the chocolate. I tend to burn everything in the microwave but other people seem to melt chocolate and caramel just fine...

Then dip. While your caramel is soft roll in nuts. Let all sit a bit and then drizzle on your chocolate. You really cannot go wrong.

There are so many candy bars that go together with apples...try your favorites.

I personally feel you can never have enough chocolate. So...dip in your melted chocolate chips and then add a few chips for trim. Then swirl on more chocolate. Even better if you mix up the kinds of chocolate you are using...

I adore white chocolate. We use Guittard here at the tea room because I truly love the taste. We order it in 25 pound cases so we tend to usually have enough around to experiment with. But I have used Ghiradelli and been very happy with the taste and creamy texture.

This apple is not as complicated as it looks. A thin layer of caramel will add to the texture when it is eaten (but I suspect guests will just want to take them home and not eat them...) then your white chocolate. You can dip, spoon or brush it on. Next comes the trim. Use your imagination and add whatever appeals to you. Remember, the roses do not have to 'stick' to the apple, you can actually use a tiny bit of florest wire and punch them in. And use a little more chocolate as glue. If you want a super smooth finish, after you dip in caramel, cover your apple in royal frosting. This will give you the white white look and the practically smooth look. Either way, I believe you can create something lovely...

So get creative and get some apples while they are at their peak! And if you have not read my novel Estate of Mind, I believe you would enjoy it. It is set in an apple orchard.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Estate of Mind and The Scrap Book Trilogy

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