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There is always a reason to scrap book...

I love to save little bits and scraps that for whatever reason are important to me--even if it is just at the moment. Time moves so quickly that is comforting to look back on small moments that held meaning.

Maybe this is why I wrote the Scrap Book Trilogy: Creating Memories, Grand Memories and Charmed Memories. There is something very real about holding a scrap book in your hands. All of my memories cannot be contained in my phone...

In the Scrap Book Trilogy, three very ancient women scrap book but with a twist. Everything they so lovingly put in their scrap books happens. At first they up their portfolios and where they live, then they want what we all want: they want family near them. So one by one they start to manipulate their grown granddaughters (and one great niece) to move near them,,,and well, control their lives.

In Creating Memories, I introduce Auntie Clara. Is she my favorite of the 3 senior ladies? No, I love them all, but she is someone to keep an eye on as I write about her over and over again. And this is her beginning. She brings her great niece from NYC and then slowly starts manipulating her life. But can we really do that? With or without a magic scrapbook, actually, I don't think we can. So Auntie Clara is forced to let her great niece's life unfold without her help--but with her love. From NYC to the middle of nowhere. I believe you will enjoy Auntie Clara and Lizzie's story.

The second story in my trilogy brings the ever elegant Auntie Blanchie to life. Of course she is not only past her first bloom she has actually morphed into a very exotic creature. Fashion is still her favorite pass time, as it should be, she was part of the fashion world way back when. Now she longs for her granddaughter Coco who she believes is a fashion designer. But in reality Coco is drowning in a dead end job at a factory where yes, she does sew. But Coco cannot find peace at this horrible job. It is modern and ultra ultra. And Coco's biggest problem she is in love. In love with the black and white movies and all the fashion they held.

A mysterious invitation to Grand Hotel's annual Murder Mystery, literally transports Coco. And gives Auntie Blanchie endless opportunities to speak up and introduce herself to her grand daughter.