New clothes at Her Majesty's

I love this new dress! The fit is a dream and it is so slimming. And pockets! That's a plus.

This should be your go to travel skirt. The old bi planes make it fun and the fabric is soft and won't wrinkle. And pockets---really, all clothes should have pockets.

The contrasting sleeves and trim on the hem take this one up a notch. And there are so many accessories to go with black and ivory.

I love this dress! The color combination is one of my favorites! And the style is very flattering. (and pockets...)

This fun dress can be worn with a tiny tee shirt underneath. Sometimes we just need fun. I didn't photograph everything but there are new glitz dresses for the holidays and well, you just need to stop out and see what all there is.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: The Scrap Book Trilogy

Don't forget I will be at I Know You Like A Book next Wednesday evening September 13 from 5-7 signing my new books. Jerry is bringing Piewacket, the latest addition to our family. And the cover star of Creating Memories, Auntie Clara will also be there. It should be a great party! Hope you will stop out. 4701 N. Prospect, Peoria Hts, Ill . 685-2665. If anyone purchases all three of my new trilogy I will give them a hand made scrap book tote bag.

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