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Introducing the Scrap Book Trilogy

I love scrap booking so much I wrote three books about it. The Scrap Book Trilogy: Creating Memories, Grand Memories, and Charmed Memories. Three very ancient women scrap book, but whatever they put in their books happens...

At first they change up their portfolios and then improve where they live. But ultimately they want what we all want--family. And one by one they bring their grown granddaughters to them. But of course...we really can never control anyone.

The first one is set in New York City and here in the middle of no where. Our hero Lizzie opens a scrap book store so the old Aunties have some where to hang out.

The second one is set here in the middle of no where at Grand Hotel during their fabulous Murder Mystery weekend. This story truly is an arm chair visit to Michigan and Mackinac Island.

The third story is set in the Highlands, Ballater to be exact. The Queens country. And of course, here.

Come join me with the Scrap Book Trilogy and look at scrap booking in a whole new way. Available at Amazon, Kindle, Kindle Select, Her Majesty's English Tea Room, Barnes and Noble.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

Her Majesty's English Tea Room