The Scrap Book Trilogy--now out...

I love to scrap book and tuck away sometimes the tiniest bits that some how remind me of a certain event or time. I am usually not very tidy when I stash my memories, but I like to keep them all together so I can go back and remember. I wrote the Scrap Book Trilogy because I love scrap booking. And I think you will enjoy the series.

Three stories--three very old women who love to scrap book. But whatever they put in their scrap books happens. At first they all adjust their portfolios and where they live. Then they want what we all want--family. And slowly but surely they start manipulating their grown granddaughters to come to them.

But of course, even with their scrap books, they cannot control the young women who mean so much to them.

Starting with Creating Memories, I would like you to meet Auntie Clara. Is she the ring leader? Well, actually all three old women are strong and determined. But Auntie Clara does tend to take charge. This story takes place in the middle of no where and New York City.

Book two is Grand Memories and I would like you to meet Auntie Blanchie. She is old Hollywood to a fault. Time has not slowed down her love of glam and fashion... Her story takes place in the middle of no where and at Grand Hotel Mackinac Island at their annual Murder Mystery. Set in the 20's a time Auntie Blanchie can relate to fashion wise...

Jerry and I are in the cast of the Grand Hotel Murder Mystery and we love going back in time once a year to kill some one at the Grand. I take you to the Murder Mystery via your arm chair with the hopes that one day you may join us at the Grand.

In book three, Charmed Memories I tell Auntie Bertie's story. A rustic, down to earth bit of an elf of a very senior woman, yet she is from the famed jewelry empire Bootles. This story takes place in the middle of no where and Scotland. For those of you who know me, Jerry (my husband) is Scottish and we both have a weak spot for the Highlands. So if you have never been there, get ready for a side trip to Ballater, Queen Victoria's countryside.

I love jewelry, sell it and wear far too much at one time. It was only natural that I would write a story about jewelry--from gem stones to silver charms. Gem stones have their own language, just as flowers do, and I go into detail explaining all the magic associated with each gem stone. Oh, I am sure I have left some out, but I think you will enjoy the lore behind the stones.

This story closes my scrap book journey, but I believe you will enjoy all of them and meeting all my special people I have tucked inside. They are available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kindle, Kindle Select and here at Her Majesty's. My printer has agreed to supply libraries at no cost, so if this is of any interest, let me know.

Warm regards, Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

Her Majesty's English Tea Room

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