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The Scrap Book Trilogy--now out...

I love to scrap book and tuck away sometimes the tiniest bits that some how remind me of a certain event or time. I am usually not very tidy when I stash my memories, but I like to keep them all together so I can go back and remember. I wrote the Scrap Book Trilogy because I love scrap booking. And I think you will enjoy the series.

Three stories--three very old women who love to scrap book. But whatever they put in their scrap books happens. At first they all adjust their portfolios and where they live. Then they want what we all want--family. And slowly but surely they start manipulating their grown granddaughters to come to them.

But of course, even with their scrap books, they cannot control the young women who mean so much to them.

Starting with Creating Memories, I would like you to meet Auntie Clara. Is she the ring leader? Well, actually all three old women are strong and determined. But Auntie Clara does tend to take charge. This story takes place in the middle of no where and New York City.

Book two is Grand Memories and I would like you to meet Auntie Blanchie. She is old Hollywood to a fa