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New dog tee shirts

Anyone who knows us knows we love dogs...okay we are partial to the tiny ones. The lap dogs, the ones most people think of as yappy and possibly ankle nippers. Well, we love them all, but usually go tiny. Regardless, our pup Lucy has high expectations of us and expects certain things--most of them have to do with eating. It is no surprise she is our dog. We think this tank top says it all. Now at Her Majesty's.

We have added to our Old World dog ornament assortment and they all have a new 'home' here at the tea room. Maybe we have your breed? Possibly it is still to come. Regardless they are all fabulous with all the attention to detail Old World does on all their ornaments.

We are busy re-doing the shoppe and bringing out new ornaments, party crackers and the new season. Our new lamp shipment is here and stunning. I will take pictures and post. Hope you are enjoying this slight break in the heat and know we are thinking ahead to the next season.