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Murder is in the air...and selling out fast...

Jerry and I are just back from our rehearsal for Grand Hotel's annual Murder Mystery Weekend (October 20-22). The story line is better than ever, and we are excited to turn back the hands of time to 1937. If you have ever wanted to stay at a royal estate and possibly have a murder committed, well this might be the adventure for you. No one does grand better than the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island. And no one puts on a better murder!

Have you ever wanted to be part of something completely out of the ordinary? To take a step back in time and become part of a greater story? This October, you have your chance. Leave the modern world behind and become a Detective in a murder mystery weekend at the Grand Hotel, on Mackinac Island. This opulent hotel is the perfect setting for the Murder Mystery Companies well-honed brand of murder with a touch of humor. Lose yourself in the timelessness of this Northern Michigan destination and be a part of a luxurious weekend long adventure where you may get to solve the crime...or cause it.

For more information, and to get reservations, just go here- packages/murder-mystery- weekend/

The five course dinners are a gourmet's dream! And the dining room, designed by the iconic Carlton Varney, is a true escape to elegance. Rooms are going quickly, much to our delight. We would love you to join us for a weekend you will never forget. I love the Grand Hotel and their murder mysteries so much I have written a novel about them. Book two of my Scrap Book Trilogy.