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The Scrap Book Trilogy...

Days have a way of bleeding from one to the next. And memories are soon replaced, yet the special times we still hold in our hearts. That is why I became a scrapbooker. To look back at special times and just remember. Relive a little bit and take myself back.

I wrote the Scrap Book Trilogy for all those moments. The ones that fly by and the ones we want to take another peek at...just to feel all those feelings again. Introducing Auntie Clara--she could be your great auntie, or grandma. She is plucky and feisty and hasn't let her age slow her down. And she not only does what she wants, she gets what she wants.

But when she started to manipulate her great niece's life, well, she realized she had stepped over a line. Creating memories not only is your introduction to Auntie Clara (because you will visit with her again and again) but it is her story on how she just cannot control everything...even if she really wants to.

Join me as she lures her great niece Lizzie to the middle of no where. And follow as Lizzie's heart goes out to one arrogant retired race car driver.

And if you love Auntie Clara, I believe you will love her two best chums Blanchie and Bertie. And you will want to continue on with Grand Memories and Charmed Memories. And if you are a scrapbooker, let me know, because I believe we share a wonderful joy.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

Author: The Scrap Book Trilogy

Her Majesty's English Tea Room